I will design an appropriate and personalized celebration for you.


As a Humanist Celebrant I realize the wedding, memorial service or other celebration is about you and your family.  All celebrations are designed with your input and with your desires in mind.  

Weddings should be about the couple and the family they have planned without pouring upon them the unrealistic expectations and demands of the supernatural.  

Memorial services or "Celebrations of Life" should be not only a time to mourn your loss but to celebrate the departed's life and to realize we all only get this one short life and to make the most of it.  

Choosing a Humanist Celebrant means creating a ceremony that celebrates life and it's milestones.



Take the first step in planning your big day by choosing an officiant that has your desires at the heart of the ceremony planning process.

Baby naming ceremony

A baby naming ceremony is the modern day alternative to christening and centers around the promises you make to each other as a family.  Plan a refreshing ceremony that allows your family to share their feelings and wishes for the child and avoids the stuffy dogma of religious ceremonies.

Memorial ceremonies

Options for memorial ceremonies range from having Mr. Treest write a custom ceremony and officiate at a funeral home to planning an off-site celebration of life.

Humanist Celebrant

Humanist Celebrant

about allan treest

Allan Treest is a lifelong humanist that has worked the last several years in the wedding industry and saw the need for couples to get a real choice in the design of their ceremony.  In recent years Allan has had to plan funerals for family members and experienced the limited choices provided by the traditional funeral industry and the religious ceremonies presided over by ministers who seem mostly concerned with increasing the congregation of their church rather than celebrating the life of the deceased.  There is now an alternative...